Our family has been working with C.J. for over 7 years now and his Diamond Directors system has been exactly what we needed, when we needed it. His expertise and methodology for training provide a planned path for development while his experience and connections provide sound advice and a wealth of resources for exposure.

- John & Patti Thomas, Parents of Brandon Thomas (Georgia Tech)


CJ puts hitting into a perspective that allows me to prepare myself to achieve my goals as a Major League Baseball player.

–Jason Heyward - Atlanta Braves


Thanks to C.J. my grandson has developed an efficient, effective and consistent swing that he has confidence in. He has always been a good hitter but now understands the components of a successful swing and how to transfer that knowledge to his own swing. C.J. has made him a very confident hitter.

- Hugh Brooks

C.J. approaches each of our four boys differently, taking into account each of their personalities and learning styles. Whether he’s making a few small adjustments, or breaking down a swing from scratch, C.J. has taught our boys how to repeat a fundamentally sound and solid swing that they trust…again and again!

-The McCloskey Family


During my group lesson, I rotated through a series of stations that benefited different parts of my swing. Although I thought that I wouldn’t be getting as many repetitions as I would in an individual lesson, I actually got about twice as many (around 120-130 swings) because it was a 60 minute lesson. I got more out of my one group lesson than I have from any individual lesson that I’ve had in the past, and the variety made it more fun. The group lesson is a great workout, and I’m swinging the bat better now.

-Chris Ohmstede


The first five minutes of my son’s first lesson, CJ picked up on the fact that he was a visual learner, I was very pleased to know that unlike all the other instructors we had been to, it was CJ’s goal to find out the best way to TEACH my son. CJ teaches to the individual which makes learning much easier.

I have taken my son to many different batting instructors, but was truly frustrated by the lack of knowledge of the instructors ability to TEACH what makes a swing work. CJ’s ability to not only TEACH what makes a swing work, but to do it in a way that simplifies a very complicated matter makes learning that much easier. With so many instructors its simply about filling time in a batting cage with as many swings as possible, with CJ it’s about understanding the mechanics of a swing and what needs to be done to make it work.

In addition to the hitting instruction, CJ teaches what it takes mentally to be successful in baseball-that it truly is about making adjustments and learning how to fail successfully. It is very difficult to turn your son over to a coach, with CJ I know my son gets not only incredible batting instruction, but is around someone that teaches the importance of hard work. From day one CJ has repeated that learning a swing that works is a long term process and will be full of ups and downs-he truly has held up his end of the bargain instilling the confidence my son needs to develop a very strong baseball swing.

-Louis S. Shapiro


CJ Stewart training program is very detailed, but flexiable approach to what it takes to better understand your swing and game. CJ has a very knowledgeable mind on the game and life, it has been very rewarding having CJ Stewart to learn from and work with in the off-season.

-Callix Crabbe - Milwaukee Brewers


I have known CJ Stewart for 10 years as a friend, teammate, and off-season trainer. He made me realize that your physical tools get you to professional but your mental tools keep you in the pros. I have accomplished a great deal with CJ in the off season but we still have several goals to achieve.

-Chris Booker - MLB Washington Nationals


Training with C.J. has helped me take my game to the next level. His program has sharpened my tools and helped me to become a more consistent player.

-Will Cherry - Sophomore Outfielder Florida Southern University


CJ is a very passionate,dedicated, and focus person when instructing baseball.He is reliable, dependable,responsible,timely, continues to update his knowledge of the game and teaching techniques yearly. I highly recommend CJ as a baseball instructor without any hesitation. He has really helped me become a better player.

-Eddie Rush - Southern University


My son loves going to C.J. and enjoys every session he’s had with him for over three years now. He’s the real deal; I would recommend him to anyone that wants to go to the next level. As C.J. Stewart says "Make It Happen"

- Mike Lavelle


No one knows more about what college recruiters and professional scouts are looking for than C.J. Stewart at Diamond Directors. After one session you’ll be a better hitter; you’ll have more confidence and have a better understanding of why you're now crushing the ball. Hitting with C.J. is not only fun, but you’ll also appreciate the way he teaches, and discover why so many of his players are in the top colleges in the country, and in the show. C.J. is simply the best at what he does."

- M. Kay


He is quite simply, the finest hitting instructor we have ever known.

- M. Flemming


We love the [3K] classes. I enjoy seeing the different players, at different stages of their training. I think it’s an inspiration to all involved, to see the more advance players and the payoff they’ve received from hard work.

- M. Nysted