In The Community

In The Community:

Diamond Directors is a sponsor of L.E.A.D., Inc. (Launch, Expose, Advise, Direct). L.E.A.D. was founded by Diamond Directors owner, C.J. Stewart, in May of 2007 to increase the number of inner city Atlanta youth playing competitive baseball in middle and high school . Why? So that these youth, who are called Leaders (Middle School Program) and Ambassadors (High School Program), have the opportunity to compete for college baseball scholarships.

In addition to providing access to player development resources, L.E.A.D.’s model also requires its Leaders and Ambassadors to strive for excellence in academics and community service. Selected young men participate in monthly community service projects and exposure activities around the city of Atlanta to instill a sense of investment, belonging and pride.

L.E.A.D. is creating a new player: one who understands that his commitment in his home, community and school is just as important as his commitment on the baseball diamond. L.E.A.D.’s Honorary Ambassador and Spokesperson is Jason Heyward, starting right fielder for the Atlanta Braves.

Visit to learn how you can join C.J. and Jason in helping Atlanta youth use baseball to access college.