3 old school drills that will help raise your game

February 7, 2018

Jackie Robinson was the first Black man to play Major League Baseball in the Modern Era, but he wasn’t the first Black man to ever do it. Moses Fleetwood Walker was the first to do it. Mr. Walker made his MLB debut on May 1, 1884, playing for the Toledo Blue Stockings. I obviously never met […]

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Why selfish is not a strategy

January 31, 2018

You can’t develop skills when you are selfish and stupid. Here’s how I define selfish, stupidity and skills: Selfish is a person who lacks consideration for others. Stupidity is knowing what to do and refusing to do it. Skills are things that we do well repeatedly without thought while under stress. As a child, my dreams […]

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4 questions you need to ask your coach right now

January 24, 2018

As the spring season approaches, there are four questions you need to ask your coach right now: What is my specific role as a hitter on this team? What are your specific statistical expectations for me this spring? Did we do enough this winter for me to be prepared to meet your statistical expectations? If […]

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Why skills pay the bills

January 17, 2018

Skills pay the bills. What is a skill? Simply put, it’s something that you do well repeatedly without thought under stress. In my blogs, I continue to reinforce the importance that having the right skills play in your quest to be an elite hitter. Here, we again visit the art of building skills: How to convert […]

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Why athleticism is not a four-letter word

January 10, 2018

Some coaches, scouts and fans refer to players as being athletic as if it’s a four-letter profane word. Athleticism is all about being able to think critically and respond quickly. Good athletes do three things very well: They get things done even when they don’t have all the fundamentals. They handle stress and pressure exceptionally well […]

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Under pressure – how to get things done in 2018

January 3, 2018

We all have an uneasy feeling when we have to do tough stuff. That uneasy feeling shows up in moments of stress and pressure. Under stress, you have that uneasy feeling because you don’t have the knowledge, time, resources and/or energy to get something done. If you attempted to fly an airplane right now, I am […]

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It’s a New Year – Time to get REAL

December 27, 2017

It’s the end of December and we’re days away from a New Year. Is there any better time of year to reflect? I don’t think so. As you reflect on what this year has offered, here’s my advice for 2018. It’s about being REAL. R – Ready and not raw E – Empowered and not enabled A – […]

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Practice. Play. Perform.

December 20, 2017

Practice. Play. Perform. These three P’s are separate, yet support each other. Practice Practice involves the systematic and sequential way of doing something that’s simple, so that you can achieve success when you play. Play Playing is when you test the habits in games that you’re working on in practice. Performance Performance is the execution of skills […]

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Why coaches need coaching

December 13, 2017

All coaches need coaches. We especially need coaching helping to ensure that we are good at three things that will help you become a great hitter. Players and parents can be coaches best coach when the right questions are asked of us. Those questions center on: Focus Patience Communication Focus Focus is the center interest […]

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Making good habits part of your hitting regimen

December 6, 2017

A habit is something that can be done repeatedly without thought. A habit can be broken down into three parts: A cue A routine A reward Common reasons that hitters struggle to develop good hitting habits is as easy as solving A, B, C and D: Attitude Blameless Commitment Discipline Attitude Our attitude is simply […]

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